Brineowl is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

"I don't like lying to the Clan anymore than you do. Be brave. And I'll always look after you, no matter how much prey we lose in leaf-bare, nor how much green-leaf scorches our Clan. I have a duty, and I've never surrendered to my own will. Always have faith in yourself, and in your Clan, just as I have."
—Brineowl to Breezestar about her kits in AlpineClan
Gender Female
Age 65 moons (4.4 years)
Current AlpineClan
Kit Brinekit
Medicine Cat Apprentice Brinepaw
Medicine Cat Brineowl
Roleplayed By
Owner sue creator 101

Brineowl is white she-cat with gray flecks along sides, and brown eyes. She is the medicine cat of AlpineClan, and she serves under Breezestar. Her current apprentice is Sorrelpaw.

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