This is a Project, a group of collaborators that work together to achieve a specific goal. In this case, it is providing images for the site.

Leader: Latte
Deputy: Stream
Senior Warriors: QBcraft, Raven, ~Wildest Dreams~
Warriors: None
Apprentices: Moonstar
Kits: Whiskers

Helpful LinksEdit

To be added

Mentor ProgramEdit

This is the Mentor Program for Project Character Art. If you wish to be a Mentor, or wish to have one, look here.

User Name Art Program Apprentice
Latte GIMP None
Stream To be added None
Ravenstep To be added None
QBcraft To be added None

Current ProjectsEdit

Only SR MENTORS AND ABOVE are allowed to tweak or redo images!

Use these abbreviations when you reserve an image: Kit (K), Apprentice (A), Medicine Cat Apprentice (MCA), Warrior (W), Medicine Cat (MC), Queen (Q), Deputy (D), Leader (L), Elder (E) and StarClan (Star)

You may reserve up to 2 Original Images and tweak up to 3 Images. Remember to only add the date for when you reserve an original image.

User Name Original 1 Original 2 Tweak 1 Date Added (1) Date Added (2)


Poppyshade  (W) Pheasantkit (K) None 5/2/15 N/A
Stream None None None N/A N/A
Ravenstep None None None N/A N/A
QBcraft None None None N/A N/A
Patchstar None None None N/A N/A
Moonstar None None None N/A N/A
Whiskers Sundapple (W) None None 5/11/15 N/A


Please do not use these blanks on any other site other than the New Age Warriors Roleplay Wiki. Thank you.